Friday, June 17, 2011

Large Space + High Speed = Freedom

Wuhan Railway Station - People Boarding the Train
What shows in this picture is a corner of the high-speed railway station in Wuhan, China, taken in May 6, 2011, showing how people board the train. Although not many people, but the seats about 80% occupied when I stepped in, amazing!
According to the luck number theory (see my blog on June 13), the word fast has 4 letters, meaning death(no good), but, if it adds to the word train, which has 5 letters (represent majority, good), it then become fast-train, 9 letters, the largest single digit (very good).  About 5 years ago, many railway stations in China were small, dirty, and crowed; people imply rushed to and packed in a train, not to mention the conditions 10 or 20 years ago. At that period, no matter how much freedom people might claimed they had, no freedom at all. But now when you present in this magnificent environment, you really feel what freedom means --When a country is poor, no freedom for anyone!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Play with Pets or Play with People-Social Capital

Capital is a good word because it contains seven letters, the number seven is the unit of a week and it means “completeness and success”as being described in another blog on June 13 in this blog threat.  With adequate capital, everything will go smooth.  Capital is anything that is used to generate money.  Money (a 5- letter word, good) is capital if it is used for investment; the house you stay with is capital because it can be used to obtain money to run business; exercise is capital because strong body can be built through exercise to make more money; education is capital because more educated people make more money. However, one capital many people may not recognize is: Social Capital.

Social capital is the social network connections a person fostered during their lifetime that empower him or her to become successful in career and life.  In another word, social capital consists of all persons who: are closely connected with you, possess lots of resources (such as educated, power, rich, reputation, etc), and are trustworthy and reciprocal.  Obviously, people who possess adequate social capital may be able to do anything as they can think of.  Unfortunately, the only way to accumulate social capital is to spend time with people, and to choose those you would like to invest more resources to build a relation.  Certainly, playing with a pet may boost your feelings to increased body capital, but it creates no social capital at all unless you play with others who also like to play with pets.     

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky Numbers To Remember

No matter where we go, you can find that people always believe that some numbers imply good things while some others indicate bad thing.

For single numbers, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are believed to be "Good" numbers.  1 means start, 3 means success (repeat three times you will win), 5 is in the middle, representing the majority, 6 means smooth and forture,7 is the unit of a week meaning completeness and success, 8 means getting rich, 9 is the largest single digit, meaning the highest level (as the king or president) or longest (as a person's life or a relationship).10=complete and full success.  For example, the date for the first test of nuclear bomb in China was 10/16/1964, the day (16 = 1+6) is 7, the day and months (10/16 = 1+0+1+6) = 8 and all numbers of that day together (1+0+1+66+6+4)-> 10.

Triples are always good because all triples can be reduced to 3, 6, or 9.  For example, 1,1,1 = 3; 2,2,2=6; 3,3,3=9; 4,4,4=12->3; 5,5,5 = 15->6, 6,6,6=36->9; 7,7,7=21->3; 8,8,8=24=->6; and 9,9,9=27->9. Very interesting like magic, right?  Now you may realized this is why in the slot machine in any casino, when you receive a triples while swing the machine, you will win.

Number 4 is a single bad number.  4 in Chinese phonics sounds like died.  The word died in English also consists of exactly 4 letters (-d -i -e -d). President Kennedy was assessinated on 22nd day (2+2 = 4) in November 1963. 13 is not a good number becuase it will be reduced to 4 (1=3). Many words in our daily life may also mean something to me.  When your boss told you that you are doing "good" today, he or she may actually means you are not doing good for a while. The word "fool" is negative, and it contains 4 letters; the word full sounds positive, it means no space for additional; the negative side of "name" is that it is associated with you ID, be careful. Something "free" often means that thing is bad...You can extend this list for ever.  Have fun if you like to play with it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Are Amercans Most Open About Sex?

Once in a while, almost all people in the world believed that Americans are among all people in the world who are most open regarding sex. This notion can easily be proven wrong today. As I have discussed in another blog on June 30th, sex scandal has frequently been used as a weapon to bring influential figures down, particularly to bring a politician down.  This had even gone to an extremity when the current Weiner's sex scandal has been popped up.  I simply typed "Anthony Weiner" into my Google Chrome while I am writing this blog, more than 40 million entries appeared within seconds, all focusing on the same topic - how powerful it is!  I hope my blog triffic goes up like this!

According to my 9-5 theory described in this threat on Sunday, May 15 and on Monday, May 23, a politician should first be 5, or represents the middle class.  If the majority of our people, including those who work in any mass media, including TV stations, news papers, magazings, and all the free-writers like me to put something on the web, (the best represntaiton of the middle class) are so easily be "offended" even by some "inappropriate" sex-related photos, how can we claim that we are sexually most open.  No one knows if sexually open is good or bad, any thoughts or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Juror Duty - The First Time in Life

Today, I served as a juror to the Wayne County Court located in Downtown, Detroit. When I reached the assembly room on the first floor of the court building at about 7:35 (see, 7+3+5=15, which can be reduced to 6 because 1+5 = 6), I felt happy. When I reached there, about 20 people already arrived.  While I was on the line to check in, a lots of people came. At about 8:30, all people (about 90-100) were checked in.  People all sat in the assembly room waiting, while some went to a cafeteria to get coffee, cookies. About 9:00, the receptionists started to announce who should to go which court.  All these people were called in 8 groups, each was directed to a specific courtroom was instructed to wait outside of the courtroom till being asked to get in.

The waiting time varied from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It was the waiting period makes this duty so exciting.  A few persons were so anxious (may be want to get into the court), some looked very angry, staring at the ground, some were easy-going, some chatting with someone they never met before, some simply take this time to have a nap, some were reading, some had no emotion on the face... Finally, the courtroom was opened, a clerk came out and checked us in one at a time.  The rest was simply routine... It was the waiting time that made my juror duty so special. I will receive $25 by presenting as a juror. This is  not a luck number - Jurors' time is not well used, people spent most time on waiting! It will be great if someone can do some to improve it.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Use Numbers to tell Fortune Everyday

Three magic numbers that often bring good future to people are Three (3), Six (6) and Nine(9) with Nine the best. If you add these three numbers together: 3+6+9 = 18, which can be reduced to 9 (e.g., 1+8); if you multiply the three numbers together: 3x6x9 = 18x9 = 162, which can also be reduced to 9 (e.g., 1+6+2).  Different numbers are used to name the airplanes made by Boeing, the 747 is the best, and not by coincident, 7+4+7 = 18 -->9.  Pearl Harbor attack occurred on 12/7/1941-->7, which is not good for Japan. You can list many examples if you pay attention to things around you.

How to use this?  Just take any number that naturally happen to you to see if it can be reduced to 3, 6, or 9.  For example, when you wake up in the morning, you noted that your clock points to 7:20.  This means today you will going to have a GOOD day. If you add your date of birth up, it turns out to be either 3, 6, or 9, you will be a luck person. For example, if you born in 12/26/1982, this will be reduced to 3(1+2), 8(2+6) and 2(1+9+8+2 = 20 and 2+0=2) and 3+8+2 = 14 --> 5(1+4). This date of birth is okay because it is just next to 6, which is a luck number.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Female = 0 and Male = 1 or Male = 1 and Female = 2

In modern life, we like to digitalize everything, that is use number to represent things.  Come to our daily life, once for a while, 1 is often used to represent men and 0 is often used to represent women, and no one knows why? Because of the emphasis of gender equality, people began to challenge this, particularly the "smartest" people from the best universities and the highest level authorities.  This leads to another mode of digitalization: male = 1 and female = 2 for obvious reasons.

A further thinking of gender equality and gender differences in terms of numbers and symbols,  the old way is much more reasonable.  This is because, (1) Women bearing and produce offspring like land, which can better be represented using a circle like zero; it also means life starts from zero; men only provide human seeds (sperms), which symbolically more like a stick or one.  (2) In computer language, only 0 and 1 are used, all other numbers can be expressed by this two digits.  (3) Only use 0 and 1, can the gender equality be expressed.  Although 0 is numerically smaller than 1, but it can produce 1; however, 0 will not be able to produce 1 without 1 -- no one can go without other. In another word, although men and women are different, they are equal in terms of power.